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Sample Questions

Click here to view the examples of questions asked in the online exam to help you prepare.  While not taken from the exam, they cover topics the exam covers and are asked and in the same format as the RDL. Since these questions are not from the RDL exam, they are not an indication of your performance on the RDL Online Exam, but they will show you the format of the questions.

A. Pressure and temperature of the liquid line
B. Pressure and temperature of the suction line
C. The indoor entering air temperature and suction line temperature
D. The outdoor entering air temperature and liquid line temperature

A. Refrigerant starvation of the indoor coil
B. Flooding of the indoor coil
C. Frost on the check valve
D. Frost on the expansion valve

A. Very low suction pressure
B. High head pressure and low suction pressure
C. Low head pressure and high suction pressure
D. Very low head pressure

A. A blower fan operating on a speed that is too low
B. An extremely low indoor temperature
C. A system overcharge
D. A system undercharge

1-A; 2-B; 3-B; 4-D

RDL Study Materials

It is highly recommended that candidates review the following study materials before sitting for the RDL online examination. The RDL exam should be scheduled to allow adequate time for candidates to review the study materials.

Study Guide Part 1: “Flammable Refrigerants”
Study Guide Part 2:”Refrigerant Management”
RDL Study Presentations
– Job-Task Analysis: Exam Topics (English) (French) (Spanish)

Training Materials

The RDL does not require the scheduling of training but training will help prepare technicians to earn the RDL. One training program that covers traditional and flammable refrigerants has been developed by UNEP and AREA.  “Refrigerants Servicing and Best Practices” is available for use by training providers authorized by their respective National Ozone Units.

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